2 pounds.Of beef stew meat. Condensed mushroom soup cream, I used one medium can.

Brown gravy mix, you’ll need one packet. Beef broth, I used one cup.

A small-sized onion, diced.

2 cloves.Of garlic, minced. One large spoon.Of cornstarch mixed with a spoon of water.


Stage 1:

Consolidate the mushroom soup cream, with sauce blend, meat stock, diced onion, and minced garlic in a medium-sized blending bowl.

Stage 2:

Consolidate all fixings together, It’s OK assuming the blend is a piece uneven; as it cooks in the sluggish cooker, the bumps will break down and the combination will be smooth.

Stage 3:

Put the stew meat in a 4-quart simmering pot and set it on low. Pour the sauce combination over the steak and delicately combine everything as one.

Stage 4:

Cook for seven hours on LOW with the top on. When the meat is finished cooking, take it from the skillet utilizing an opened spoon and set it to the side.

Stage 5:

Integrate the cornstarch/water blend into the stock by mixing it in, this will thicken up the sauce.

Stage 6:

Supplant the meat back into the stewing pot and stew for an additional 5 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened to some degree.

Stage 7:

Serve it with egg noodles, cooked rice, or pureed potatoes, it makes an ideal fixing.Formula TIPS:It is significant not to stuff the skillet, since this might bring about the meat steaming as opposed to sautéing appropriately. Cook the meat in clusters if important to keep the pieces from being excessively near one another while carmelizing.I’ll here and there add cut mushrooms to the onions while I’m causing earthy colored sauce since they to loan an exquisite taste to the sauce.A drop of weighty cream might be added to the sauce to upgrade its lavishness considerably more.


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