Cheese Shrimp Penne Pasta and Spinach

This dish is so awesome and simple. It is such an update from the conventional alfredo.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that youthful ones will likewise be partaking in this dish, I would recommend chopping the cayenne pepper down to around 1/2 tsp, in any case let it be in the event that you like a touch of zest.

This truly was an incredible dish. My family, including the four children, truly loved it. The main thing I did another way was as opposed to utilizing penne pasta, I utilized fettuccini. We will make this a customary in our feast revolution.

This was great! I made a couple of minor changes. The family requested that I not add the cayenne pepper. I had medium shells rather than penne so I utilized them. The portobellos I cut into medium thick strips and I had a container of simmered red chime peppers that I utilized rather than new.

Everybody cherished this dish! One thing to note, I still can’t seem to find alfredo sauce that isn’t pungent so add no salt until you’ve tasted it not long before it’s prepared to plate.

Mine didn’t require any in light of the fact that the salt in the alfredo sauce was sufficient. This recipe is a manager!

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