Family Meat Pie Recipe


1 medium potato

1 pound ground beef

⅓ clove garlic, chopped

½ cup chopped onion

¼ cup water

½ tsp mustard powder

½ tsp dried thyme

¼ tsp ground cloves 1 tsp salt

¼ tsp ground black pepper

¼ tsp dried sage


Preheat the stove to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).

Place the potato in a pot with sufficient water to cover. Heat to the point of boiling, and cook until delicate, around 5 minutes.

Channel, squash, and put away. In the mean time, disintegrate the ground hamburger into an enormous pot, and add the garlic, onion and water. Season with mustard powder, thyme, cloves and salt.

Cook over medium hotness, blending to disintegrate the meat and blend in the flavors, until the meat is uniformly seared. Eliminate from the hotness, and blend in the crushed potato.

Place one of the pie outsides into a 9 inch pie plate(pie hull formula in interface in depiction) . Load up with the meat blend, then top with the other pie covering.

Prick the top covering a couple of times with a blade to vent steam. Pleat around the edges utilizing the prongs of the fork, and eliminate any abundance batter.

Cover the edges of the pie outside layer with aluminum foil. Heat for 25 minutes in the preheated stove, or until the hull has carmelized.

Serve without help from anyone else, or with a meat sauce.


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