Layer Potatoes and Meatballs


-Italian meatballs recipe

-mashed potato recipe

-cups grated mozzarella cheese

-tablespoons chopped sparkling parsley


Set up the pureed potatoes and meatballs: Prepare the pureed potatoes as spread out in my recipe here. Set up the Italian meatballs like the sauce as spread out in my recipe here.

Getting ready for the stove: Preheaat broiler to 350 territories F .

Set up the meal: Spray a 9″ through 13″ goulash dish with a touch cooking splash (I utilized a Le Creuset Braiser, hyperlink is underneath the machine).

Gather the meal: Put the pureed potatoes withinside the rear of the goulash. Orchestrate the meatballs serenely over the pureed potatoes.

Baking: Transfer the dish to the broiler and prepare for 20 mins or till totally warmed through. Sprinkle the mozzarella cheddar serenely over the meatballs and prepare for some other 10 mins or till the cheddar melts and starts offevolved to show brown.

Serving: Garnish with parsley and serve hot.

Enjoy !

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