Sloppy Joe Grilled Burritos


°2 pounds lean ground beef

°½ C onion (chopped)

°¼ C red pepper (chopped)

°¼ C green pepper (chopped)

°1 ton salt, pepper, garlic salt

°½ T dry mustard

°½ ready-made cheese sauce, see recipe under, ‘Sauces’

°½ C shredded cheddar cheese or use your favorite

°cheese +For Sloppy Joe Sauce:

°½ c ketchup

°3 T Worcestershire sauce

°1 ton brown sugar

°Salt, pepper, onion and garlic salt

°4-6 large flour tortillas (wheat can be substituted)

°1 T oil


Join ground meat and flavors in a blending bowl.
Cook the marinated ground meat over medium-high hotness for 6-8 minutes.
Add onion, red and green pepper and sauté for 2 extra minutes or until vegetables are relaxed. Keep yourself warm.
Join ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, earthy colored sugar, salt, onion powder, and pepper in a different bowl. Blend well. Keep hot by pouring it over the hamburger.
Fill the center of an enormous tortilla with the filling.
On top of the meat combination, pour the cheddar sauce. Ground cheddar is sprinkled on top. Over medium hotness, overlap in burrito and broil for 1 moment for each side in oil. Feet it immediately.

Enjoy !

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