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To do the night before:

Mix together all the ingredients that make up the sponge cake, pour into an oiled mold and bake for 30 minutes at 200° (Be careful, my oven is a bit winded so I recommend 180° or watch the cooking closely).  To check the cooking stick the blade of a knife in the sponge cake, if it comes out dry, it is cooked.

Repeat this step 3 times (you get 3 cakes). You can multiply the ingredients by 3 and cook everything at once, but your mold must be high enough and the cooking will take longer.

Leave the sponge cake to dry on a wire rack overnight.

The next day :

Prepare the mocha cream:

Break the chocolate into a large bowl and add the soy milk, instant coffee and maple syrup and gently melt in a bain-marie. When the mixture is very smooth and let cool while whipping the cream.

Pour the whipping cream into a bowl and whip it with a mixer. It must be quite firm.

Pour the melted chocolate into a large bowl and add the agave syrup (at room temperature). The mixture should not be hot so as not to melt the cream but not too cold either so as not to freeze.

 fold cream whipped into chocolate. Refrigerate while soaking the sponge cakes.

With a good knife, cut the sponge cake by removing the rounded part of the top (it’s delicious to eat like that).

You get 3 flat chocolate sponge cakes. Soak the sponge cakes on both sides with the syrup.

All you have to do is assemble it. I used 2 piping bags for the cream. A large one with a wide, round tip that allowed me to distribute the cream in and around it. And a smaller one with a notched tip for decoration.

Start with a sponge base, pipe the cream to cover the sponge cake. Then another sponge cake, cream and the last layer of sponge cake then the cream on the top and the sides. Smooth with a spatula then decorate with the rest of the cream in the piping bag fitted with the notched tip.

There. I hope that’s somewhat clear

Enjoy !


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