Chocolate wafers with cream

This Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake has a stunning show, and consistently a group pleaser!

Non-dough punchers… here is your cake! You don’t need to prepare to serve a superb treat! This Chocolate wafer refrigerator cake is really simple and no one has to know exactly how simple. The fresh wafer treats are layered with sweet whip cream which thus mellow the treats flawlessly as they chill for the time being. The main troublesome thing about this recipe is waitin

Last month my folks gave me an old recipe book that once had a place with my distant grandmother, albeit some of which is truly challenging to peruse. This is one recipe I had the option to essentially see the greater part of, I just needed to several changes. I don’t recollect truly having had a fridge cake as a kid yet I’m certain I did. It is rich and wanton and absolutely delightful! It’s an incredible go to cake for engaging, your visitor will be very dazzled.

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° 1 cup (250 ml) crumbled chocolate wafers

° 250 ml (1 cup) 35% cream

° 1/2 can of 300 ml sweetened condensed milk


Slicing vanilla bean down the middle longwise. Utilizing the rear of a paring blade, scratch the seeds from the pod.In medium bowl, utilizing electric blender on medium speed, whip cream until delicate pinnacles structure, 2 to 4 minutes.

Decrease the speed of the blender to least and add the improved dense milk, beating until the combination is smooth.

The blend will be smooth and light. Overlay in the disintegrated chocolate wafers. Pour arrangement to a water/air proof holder. Freeze until frozen yogurt is firm, 6 hours.