Artichoke flower, how to get it to come out perfect

The artichoke is a flower with an incredible flavor and full of nutrients that can be cooked in different ways, stewed artichokes, artichokes with ham, etc.

In many restaurants they are prepared in a very showy and tasty way, artichoke flowers. It really is a way to prepare it to be more colorful, nothing more. Even so, you will surely surprise your guests.

These artichokes are candied, it is how they get the best texture. Although there are people who simply cook them, I prefer a thousand times to make them candied because they are much more tender.

Regarding vegetable recipes or healthy recipes, cooking with artichokes is perfect since it has a large number of nutrients and they only have 47 calories per 100 grams, perfect for a hypocaloric diet.

I recommend you make recipes like good rice with artichokes and clams (one of my favorites) or the classic artichokes with ham, a very popular dish that you can make with canned artichokes. These have a different flavor than the natural ones but are just as great. You can also make artichokes in vinaigrette or artichokes with prawns, it is an ingredient that combines with many other things.


Here comes the dilemma of many people, how to peel the artichokes. The truth is that it is a bit laborious but in the end, it is worth it.

We remove all the outer green leaves.
we cut the tail
We remove the remains of the tail with a lace
We cut the top of the artichoke, with this we will keep the artichoke heart.
Now we put them in a bowl of cold water with parsley and lemon, to prevent them from oxidizing.



1.- Clean the artichokes well as indicated in the previous point.
2.- We put them to confit in olive oil. We put about 500 ml of olive oil over low-medium heat, that is, they should be cooked in oil without frying.
3.- We leave them for about 30 minutes. This will depend on the size of the artichoke. It is best to prick with a knife and when it is very tender it will be ready.
4.- We take them out and let them cool.
5.- On a board and with the help of our hands, we open the artichokes forming a flower.
6.- Fry in plenty of olive oil until crispy on the outside. Be careful, they burn very quickly. Always with the bottom up so that it stays crispy.

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