Best Churros Recipe


140 g flour (1 cup)

220 ml of water (1 cup)

40 g butter

2 eggs – medium (120 g in shell)

1 tablespoon of sugar

To find:

Half a glass of sugar (100 g) Half a teaspoon of cinnamon (you can increase it if you like it a lot)


Melted Cream Chocolate in a bain-marie (I used Nutella)

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Bring water, margarine and sugar to a bubble in a pot over medium intensity. With regards to the limit, add the flour in one proceed to blend. Cook the combination, pushing down for around 1-2 minutes, until it becomes smooth. In the event that you utilize a steel pot, a white layer structures on the religion of the pot, this is ordinary. Put the batter in a bowl, straighten it and let it cool for around 5 minutes. Then add the eggs individually and blend in with a spoon or hand blender (on the least setting) until you get a smooth and sparkling batter. Heat the oil in a pan, then, at that point, lessen the intensity to 2 degrees so the oil doesn’t get excessively hot. (On the off chance that you can gauge: 180 degrees) Join a channeling pack to a star-molded attachment (10-11 mm) and stuff the batter into it. Crush long strips onto baking paper or straightforwardly into hot oil and cut at the edge with scissors. (Oil the scissors so they don’t stick). Try not to contact the churros first, they will get somewhat red on the base. (This way the caterpillars are more perceptible) Then turn and sear for a sum of around 2 minutes, eliminate and put on kitchen paper. Let cool momentarily and afterward roll in cinnamon sugar. Partake in your churros Note: The mixture has an exceptionally thick consistency and it ought to be, you might have a little trouble while pressing, so take care to utilize a sturdy funneling sack. Solidarity to your arm my wonderful watchers

Enjoy !

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