Best-Ever Pepper Steak

It’s a magnificent feast for a weeknight or whenever. I cooked it short-term, refrigerated it and afterward warmed it. It was served for a little assembling of companions and everybody truly delighted in it. The stock added sufficient sodium for my taste so I left out the additional salt. There was compelling reason need to add cornstarch as the stock was thick and rich. This will be a rehash. It was shockingly scrumptious! With scarcely any fixings, I was stunned at the outcome. The steak was great and delicate and really helped me to remember something my mom had encountered all together. OMG, it brought back great recollections. I think Mom referred to it as “Swiss Bliss”… It’s tasty. Much thanks to you for sharing an incredible simmering pot recipe. I’ll rehash it. It was brilliant


16 oz of beef stew meat.

2 of each bell peppers.

1 vegetable oil.

3 tbsp. Of worcestershire sauce.

1 tsp of minced garlic.

1 can of beef broth.

1 can of stewed tomatoes.

1 season salt.

1 all-purpose flour.

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