Low-Carb Crack Chicken Casserole – seriously delicious! You’ll never miss the carbs! Chicken, cheddar, bacon, ranch, eggs, heavy cream. Can make in advance and freeze for a quick meal later. Everyone LOVES this casserole! #chicken #casserole #lowcarb

Happy New Year!!!! If you are like me, you probably overindulged over the past few weeks. It’s time to get back into the swing of things. I ate WAY too many carbs – rolls, dressing, cookies! OMG! It was delicious, but it is time to reel it back in. We are getting back to regular eating with this yummy Low-Carb Crack Chicken Casserole. Eggs, cream, chicken, cheddar, bacon, and ranch. YUM!

This casserole is super easy to make. It literally takes about 5 minutes to whip up. To get this ready to bake so quickly, I use rotisserie chicken. It is a HUGE time saver! I always have some pulled rotisserie chicken in the freezer for easy casseroles like this one. I also buy precooked real bacon bits in bulk at Costco. Perfect!

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