Double Crust Cheesecake



1 box of graham crackers (about 27 graham crackers), crushed into fine crumbs

1/2 C light brown sugar

1 C salted butter, melted


2 C heavy whipping cream

3 (8oz) packages cream cheese, room temperature

1/2 C sugar

1/4 C sour cream

2 tbsp powdered sugar

2 tbsp cornstarch (or more powdered sugar)

2 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

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Start by making the outside blend. Join the fixings together until every one of the morsels are equally soaked in margarine. Empty half into the lower part of a 9″ springform skillet and pack it in. Utilize the lower part of a dry estimating cup to ensure it’s truly close – on the off chance that it’s also lose it’ll simply disintegrate when you attempt to cut it. Place the springform skillet in the cooler to set, and the other portion of outside to the side on the counter.

Utilizing a hand blender or stand blender, whip your weighty cream for 2 minutes on medium high, then add 2 tbsp of powdered sugar or cornstarch to settle. Keep whipping until the cream shapes firm tops, around 4-5 minutes more.

Likewise utilizing a hand blender or stand blender, cream together the cream cheddar and sugar. Scratch down the sides of the bowl as you go, and blend until completely consolidated.

Add the acrid cream, vanilla, lemon, and staying controlled sugar. Beat on high until smooth and soft.

Overlay in portion of the whipped cream, tenderly, then overlap in the other half. Eliminate the base outside from the refrigerator.

Empty the filling into the container and smooth it in. You’ll have to squeeze it down as you smooth it out to forestall pockets of air, and to make it fit. Recollect that there should be space for the top outside.

When the filling has been streamlined, utilize a spoon to sprinkle over portion of the leftover pieces. Utilize the rear of the spoon to streamline them over the cheesecake while pushing down tenderly. Add the leftover scraps, and proceed to smooth and press. You could have an excessive number of pieces, yet that is OK. Attempt to squeeze them in as firmly as possible.

Utilize a piece of material paper to cover the highest point of the cheesecake and presently push down immovably with your hands. Wrap the springform container altogether in cling wrap and refrigerate for no less than 8 hours, ideally short-term.

Cut and serve. I like new strawberries as an afterthought.

Enjoy !

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