Four ways to dry beetroot

Dried beetroot chips are healthy snacks that contain a large amount of iron, and their ground can be used to prepare healthy bread, and some prefer adding them to salads as well, so in this article, we will show the most prominent methods that can be followed to dry beetroot.

Drying beetroot using a dryer

To use the dryer for drying beetroot, the following instructions can be followed:

Get the right amount of beetroot.
Clean the beetroot, and remove its stems and leaves.
Peel the beetroot if the peel is not good, or if you prefer it.
Cut the beetroot into thin slices for better and faster drying results.
Arrange the beetroot slices on the dryer tray, leaving spaces between the slices.
Set the dryer to a temperature of 52 degrees Celsius, and leave it for 8-12 hours, as the time depends on the thickness of the slices, so check them after 8 hours and you can increase the time as needed.

Oven drying beetroot

Usually, drying beets in the oven takes relatively less time than it does in the dryer. The oven can be used to dry by following the following


Remove the beetroot leaves and stems, and wish them well.
Peel the beetroot if you prefer, then cut it into thin slices.
Arrange the beetroot slices on a tray lined with parchment paper, making sure to leave enough spaces between them.
Set the oven temperature to 50-60 degrees Celsius, and leave the beets in the oven for 8 hours.

In the absence of 50-60 degrees in the oven, you can choose the lowest temperature with the oven door slightly open, and then the drying time may range from 4 to 6 hours.
You can turn the beetroot slices on the other side every hour if you like, as this step can speed up the drying process.
Drying beetroot using the microwave
Microwave drying is the fastest possible way to get dried beets. This method can

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be applied by following these instructions:

Wash the beetroot well after removing its leaves and stems.
Peel the beets if you prefer to do this step.
Cut the beetroot into thin slices.
Arrange the beetroot slices in a microwave dish and leave them for 3 minutes.
Check the beets after the time is up, and if they are not completely dried, you can leave them for an additional period of time.
Sun-drying beetroot
Drying vegetables and herbs in the sun is one of the oldest and least energy-consuming drying methods. If you want to dry beetroot in the sun, you can follow

the following instructions:

Wash the beetroot and remove its leaves and stems.
Peel the beetroot if you prefer.
Cut the beetroot into slices as thin as possible.
Arrange the beetroot slices on a mesh tray shelf in the fridge or oven.
Cover the beetroot with gauze to protect it from insects and dust.
Leave it for 4 hours in the hot sun, then flip it over for an additional 4 hours in the sun.
Avoid leaving it outside at night, and if it needs extra drying, you can put it in the sun again the next day.