+For the chocolate sponge cake (x3): For information, I used a round mold 15 cm in diameter and I cooked 3 sponge cakes in 3 times. I then removed the curved part with a knife to have 3 flat sponge cakes.

°125g white flour

°15 g bitter cocoa

°100 g icing sugar (possible with mixed brown sugar)

°60 g oil (sunflower or peanut)

°0.5 tsp baking powder

°1 tbsp apple vinegar

°150 g soy milk

+ To soak the sponge cakes (both sides): a little hot water (4 to 5 tbsp), 2 tbsp instant coffee + 2 tbsp maple syrup.

+For the mocha cream:

°100g dark chocolate 85Pg maple syrup

°5 tbsp soy milk

°2 tbsp instant coffee (Add 1 to 2 tbsp for a more intense taste)

°2 tbsp agave syrup at room temperature

°200ml vegan whipping cream (or coconut milk, read the coconut whipped cream tip here)

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To do the prior night: Combine as one every one of the fixings that make up the wipe cake, fill an oiled shape and prepare for 30 minutes at 200° (Be cautious, my stove is a piece gasping for air so I suggest 180° or watch the cooking intently). To check the cooking stick the sharp edge of a blade in the wipe cake, in the event that it comes out dry, it is cooked. Rehash this stage multiple times (you get 3 cakes). You can duplicate the fixings by 3 and cook everything simultaneously, except your form should be sufficiently high and the cooking will take more time. Leave the wipe cake to dry on a wire rack for the time being. The following day : Set up the mocha cream: Break the chocolate into an enormous bowl and add the soy milk, moment espresso and maple syrup and tenderly soften in a bain-marie. At the point when the blend is exceptionally smooth and let cool while whipping the cream. Empty the stirring cream into a bowl and whip it with a blender. It should be very firm. Empty the softened chocolate into a huge bowl and add the agave syrup (at room temperature). The blend ought not be hot so as not to liquefy the cream but rather not excessively cold either so as not to freeze. overlap cream whipped into chocolate. Refrigerate while dousing the wipe cakes. With a decent blade, cut the wipe cake by eliminating the adjusted piece of the top (such eating is heavenly). You get 3 level chocolate wipe cakes. Douse the wipe cakes on the two sides with the syrup. You should simply collect it. I utilized 2 funneling sacks for the cream. A huge one with a wide, round tip that permitted me to circulate the cream in and around it. What’s more, a more modest one with an indented tip for enhancement. Begin with a wipe base, pipe the cream to cover the wipe cake. Then, at that point, another wipe cake, cream and the last layer of wipe cake then the cream on the top and the sides. Smooth with a spatula then beautify with the remainder of the cream in the funneling pack fitted with the scored tip. There. I trust that is fairly clear

Enjoy !

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