I used a large packet of Oreo cookies.

°1/2 cup. Melted butter.

°Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix – I used 2 containers.

°3 ¼ Cups. Very cold milk.

°Thawed Cool Whip – you will need 2 blocks of 8 oz.

°Softened cream cheese; you will need 1 block of 8 oz.

°Granulated sugar; I used 1 cup.

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Stage 1

Take a major sack with a zipper and put all the Oreo treats in it. After totally shutting the pack, set it on the counter.

second step

Break the treats into little pieces or morsels by pounding them with a moving pin. You maintain that they should in any case have size and bloatedness, yet you don’t believe that they should be scraps.

Stage 3

Keep about 33% of the treat pieces in a different bowl for decorate. Empty the excess treat morsels into a 9×13 skillet.

Stage 4

In the wake of pouring the liquefied spread over the breadcrumbs, blend the two fixings well, combining them as one. When the fixings are joined, press them into the dish to make an outside.

Stage 5

Consolidate the two canned pudding blends and the milk in a bowl utilizing a whisk, then, at that point, place in the fridge to cool and set.

Stage 6

Blend cream cheddar in medium bowl until totally smooth. Add the powdered sugar in a deliberate manner. Blend items in a single container of Cool Whip.

Stage 7

Cover treat hull with combination and spread equally. From that point onward, spread the chocolate pudding over the whole surface of the cream cheddar blend.

Stage 8

Over chocolate pudding layer, equally spread leftover compartment of Cool Whip.

Stage 9

Dissipate the excess treat scraps on top. Then, at that point, when covered, put it in the cooler for something like two hours prior to serving.

Enjoy !

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