The best way to prepare breakfast in the morning

Breakfast is one of the most important meals that a person must maintain; Because of its great impact on maintaining health, despite that, statistics indicate that many people do not eat their breakfast, and this leads to the occurrence of major health problems and that arranging the morning breakfast trip is of great importance in encouraging the members of the house to eat breakfast, and in In this article, we offer several creative ideas to help arrange the morning breakfast.

Essential utensils and utensils on the breakfast table
Regardless of the type of food served for breakfast, essential utensils and utensils that cannot be dispensed with must be placed on the table, and the following are mentioned the most important of them:

Appropriate dishes: a plate for each person should be placed in proportion to the food served on the table; If oats and milk are served, the dish should be deep, and if eggs and cheese are served, the dish should be flat, and if both types are served, the deep dish can be placed inside the flat dish.
Fork, spoon, and knife: all of these utensils can be placed, or one of them, to suit the type of breakfast served.
Cups: It is indispensable to drink tea or coffee for breakfast, so an empty cup should be placed for each person to fill with what he wants.
Tissue: It is necessary to provide tissues to wipe the mouth or wipe anything spilled on the table, whether by placing a box of paper tissues on the table or by placing a napkin next to each plate.
Foods that can be put on the breakfast table
After reviewing the basic utensils and utensils that should be placed on the breakfast table, you should look at the basic foods that can be eaten for breakfast:

1- milk

Yogurt is one of the most popular healthy meals that can be eaten for breakfast. It is full of proteins, healthy for the intestines, and rich in beneficial bacteria, and it is possible to add fruits to it, or mix it with it using an electric mixer and then decorate it with nuts and honey, and this gives a delicious taste for breakfast, and it is also very healthy.

2- Avocado

Avocados are one of the healthiest foods that are recommended for breakfast. This is because it is rich in healthy fats that help you feel full, and it also contains antioxidants that help protect the skin and eyes from UV rays, and it can be eaten alone by cutting it beautifully at the breakfast table, or adding honey to it so that it becomes more palatable.

3- Jam and toast

Many of us prefer to eat foods containing sugars for breakfast, but this has a significant impact on health, because the body needs a small amount of added sugar, while studies show that most people eat four times the recommended amount of sugar, and to solve this problem You can eat homemade jam from your favorite fruits, and eat it with toast, because it contains a small amount of added sugar, and the fruit is very useful because it contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins, and this helps to slow down the digestion process and increase the feeling of satiety.

4- eggs

Eggs are one of the healthiest meals that can be eaten for breakfast. This is because it contains a lot of proteins and nutrients, and to encourage household members to eat it, it can be mixed with cheese and favorite sauce, and it can be eaten with corn tortillas, not flour, because it consists of whole grains, and eating it in moderation does not cause an increase in body weight.

Breakfast table decoration

House members can be encouraged to eat breakfast by decorating the breakfast table and adding some aesthetic features to it, by placing some roses or candles in the middle of the table. It is necessary to refrain from preparing any fried food for breakfast; This is because of its great damage to health, and care must be taken to add healthy dishes such as low-fat foods, vegetables, and fruits, and pizza made from healthy ingredients can be prepared for breakfast, or eat foods containing granola that consist of oats, honey, and nuts, as it is considered one of the Foods that are healthy and rich in nutrients.

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