Cobb salad with dressing


°6 lettuces

°3 chicken breasts °15g butter °3 lawyers

°1 lemon

°6 slices of smoked bacon

°3 eggs

°3 large tomatoes

°60 g cheese

°1 bunch of chives

°3 pinches of salt

°3 turns of the pepper mill

°1 C. strong mustard

°3 tbsp. cider vinegar

°9 c. olive oil

°1 C. tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

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The serving of mixed greens Cook the Matins eggs in bubbling water for a little ways from when they continue bubbling. Plunge them to cold water and strip them. Cut the Matines hard-bubbled eggs into adjusts. Brown the cuts of smoked bacon in a dry skillet. Channel on permeable paper and coarsely disintegrate. Salt and pepper the chicken bosoms and cook them in similar container in a little frothy margarine for around 12 minutes. Pass on to cool then cut into cuts. Stripped tomatoes likewise slice them to shapes. Wash the lettuce and cut into a chiffonade. Divide the avocados fifty, eliminate the center and furthermore cut the tissue into 3D shapes. Lemon to keep them from oxidizing. Disintegrate the Roquefort. The sauce In a bowl, pour the vinegar and Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and mustard. Blend well and afterward add the olive oil and whisk vivaciously to make an emulsion. Dressage Split the serving of mixed greens between 6 dishes. Organize the filling in lines on the plate of mixed greens, sprinkle with sauce and topping with slashed chives.

Enjoy !

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