Fresh Strawberry Pie



°250g flour

°126g butter

°1 egg

°80g sugar

°1 salt

°750 g strawberries approximately +Custard

°1/2 L milk

°four egg yolk

°100g sugar

°1 vanilla stick (or

1 tsp liquid vanilla)

°60g flour

°1 pinch salt

°2 spoonful fruit jelly or jam with out fruit

°1 massive tart mould 30 cm in diameter

°baking paper

°1 roll pin

°1 saucepan

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Getting ready shortbread batter and permit it rest for 20 to half-h withinside ice chest In the mean time set up the cake cream and permit it cool It likewise can be make very without the utilization of a dinners processor or perhaps in microwave. Preheat stove medium intensity (180°). Carrying out batter on flour surface. The batter being delicate, it very well might be moved at the moving pin which empowers its delivery to the form! Fill the pie form with the batter, embracing the most reduced of the shape appropriately and trim the edges. Blind-prepare the mixture for roughly 15 mins at 180°, putting material paper on apex with pits or heartbeats (to save you the batter from enlarging). Before the stop of cooking, remove the paper all together that the most minimal gourmet experts as appropriately. Watch the cooking circumspectly all together that the mixture really does now never again plan supper an unreasonable measure of and stays light in variety! Pass on to chill on a twine rack for roughly 60 minutes Wash the strawberries rapidly, channel them after which body them When the most minimal of the pie is cooled, unfurl the cooled cake cream on top and district the strawberries on top in a nice line Beating: In a little pot, over low intensity, break down 2 tablespoons of natural product jam (or jam with out organic product) with 1 tablespoon of water.

Enjoy !

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