How to make pancake batter. Sweet and salty recipes

Crepes (in French crêpe) is a very typical sweet of French origin that can be accompanied by sweet and savory ingredients. Making the crepe dough is easy and fast, I guarantee it. And if you follow these tips and recommendations you will get 10.


There are 3 basic tips

The flour always sifted. Si se nos ha olvidado tamizar la harina podemos hacer la masa con la batidora, es un truco para hacerla muchísimo más rápido.
Use a nonstick skillet. It is very important to use this type of pan because they stick very easily.
Let the dough rest. If you let the dough rest in the fridge for about 20 minutes, you will let everything integrate well and they will come out perfect. On some occasions, I have made them directly but if you leave them for a while in the refrigerator they will be better.

Regarding the types of salty crepes, being a neutral dough, that is to say, that it does not contain sugar, the salty one is perfectly suited. My favorite and easiest are the ham and cheese crepes, although if you feel like turning the page on crepe recipes you can make some vegetable crepes, some chicken and seafood crepes, or some curious black squid crepes, where He puts squid ink on the pancake batter and they come out black.

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250 ml of milk
250 ml of water
200 grams of flour
4 eggs
1 pinch of salt
A little butter for spreading (much better than olive oil)


1.- We prepare all the ingredients. We start by beating the eggs a little in a bowl, without getting the typical foam, just beat them a little.
2.- Add the water and milk. We keep mixing.
3.- Now it is time to add the sifted flour and salt. With the help of a sieve, put the flour in the bowl. Mix well with a whisk. If you want to do everything with a blender it also works well.
4.- In a non-stick frying pan, put a little butter. What I do, instead of pouring melted butter, is stick a piece of cold butter on a fork and I always spread the pan before putting the dough.
5.- We spread and pour a little dough. We will turn it over once we see that it has bubbles and everything has changed color.

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