Custard Cake is a blend of chiffon cake and custard cake. This cake will allow you to enjoy the flavor of debauched custard and delicate, cushioned chiffon. You won’t ever get enough of it! This steamed custard cake can be the primary fascination in your table in exceptional event! Cooking custard cake can a little overwhelm for some since this cake requires a ton of steps. From the caramel to the custard to the chiffon, you must be exceptionally cautious in finishing the means to stay away from disappointment. Certain individuals may likewise find baking this cake unthinkable since they have no broiler. Yet! Stress NO MORE! This recipe doesn’t need broiler as we will utilize steaming strategy to make this.



– Not overripe starfruit: 2

– Agave syrup: 20 cl

– Butter: 30 g #FOR THE CAKE:

– Flour: 300 g – Caster sugar: 200 g – yeast: 1 Packet

– Eggs: 4

– Limes: 2 (finely grated zest)

– Milk: 10 cl

– Softened butter: 200 g, plus a little for the mold

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