Strawberry Milk Cake

A very light baked good that will assist you with recalling the prestigious and scrumptious.A cake moved by Turkish cooking, which I presented in Lamast Scheherazade show.It is a treat made of milk that is thickened with starch and flour.You will use a fine treat of your choice to add extraordinary surface.Our treat is decorated with strawberry cole to add a particularly lovely fruity flavor… Our sweet would be undeniably appropriate for Ramadan evenings or for a respectable summer dinner, well I like.You can separate the tomfoolery by changing the treat used. The sauce, with which we will cover the cake, can be chocolate, caramel or a natural item collie other than strawberry.


°1 liter milk

°1.5 cups of sugar

°1 cup flour (100 g flour)

°1 cup of starch (140 g of cornstarch).

°1 . cream sachet

°1 cup coconut

°100gm light cream cheese

°1 vanilla packet

°biscuits (as you like)

+To decorate:

°Desired sauce (caramel, chocolate or fruit sauce) OR

°1 cup strawberry (mashed)

°4 tablespoons of sugar

°1 tablespoon of cornstarch

°Cookies of your choice

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